Pei tells us why she loves Philly Restaurant Week, what she misses about China, and why everyone should try her favorite Chinese meal.


NAME: Pei Du

HOMETOWN: Chengdu, China

He's the friendly face at IELP orientations who can give you the scoop about everything from authentic shawarma to mechanical engineering.


Name: Ahmed Aljandal

Country: Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, capital city)

Meet the friendly IELP chaperone who’s always smiling and ready to chat about Taiwanese culture.


Name: Chih-Chun Yeh

Country: Taiwan

Meet the spunky and creative 15-year-old in our EducationUSA Academy summer program.


Name: Mai Tran My Tram

English Name: Amanda

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On the third Thursday of each month, we will hear from a different “wanderer,” an IELP student who will tell us about their adventures at Temple, in the U.S. and in their home country.