Get to know Vincent Shen, a CAP student and music, magic and literature enthusiast who starts his college career at Temple in the spring.

NAME: Zenan “Vincent” Shen
HOMETOWN: Taiyuan, China
PROGRAM: Conditional Admission Program (CAP)

TCALC: What’s it like in Taiyuan?

VINCENT: I call it the Chinese version of Ohio. It’s kind of an industrial place with a lot of mountains. It’s a medium-sized city with about 3.4 million people.

NAME: Camila Yeruti Maldonado Franco
HOMETOWN: San Lorenzo, Paraguay
PROGRAM: EducationUSA Academy

TCALC: What’s your favorite thing about your home country? 

CAMILA: I would say that the best thing about Paraguay is its people. They are kind and easygoing. Our hospitality is well known, and it makes us stand out. A plate of food and a bed would never be denied to any visitor.

Say hello to Shuyu, a Tianjin-born Sixers fan who's learned that the best approach to a new culture is to get involved.

NAME: Shuyu Pang
HOMETOWN: Tianjin, China
PROGRAM: Conditional Admission

TCALC: Why did you choose to study at Temple?

SHUYU: I went to an American high school in Maine, and my high school tutoring assistant told me to come to Temple because it would fit me. She also said they were my favorite color, and they were close to the Sixers!

Fulbright scholar Clareine Nzeza N'lambi tells us how the IELP program broadened her horizons and prepared her for her master's program in Education.

NAME: Clareine Nzeza N'lambi​​​​​​​
HOMETOWN: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
PROGRAM: Intensive English Language Program

CENTER: How did you hear about Temple?

Nourhan from this year's EducationUSA Academy shares her favorite moments from the program and her journey from Egypt to the U.S.

NAME: Nourhan Khalil
HOMETOWN: Cairo, Egypt
PROGRAM:  EducationUSA Academy

CENTER: Hi, Nourhan! How did you first hear about EducationUSA Academy at Temple?

Gora's a new face from Senegal who's eager to share his IELP story and his appreciation to our staff for his improved English skills.

NAME: Gora Diop
HOMETOWN: Saint-Louis, Senegal
PROGRAM: IELP, one session

IELP: What was it like when you first came to the U.S.?

Here's our chat with Yousef, the friendly, history-loving, artistic student who is about to take the leap from the IELP to the Tyler School of Art.

NAME: Yousef Albacker
HOMETOWN: Kuwait City, Kuwait
PROGRAM: IELP, 2 sessions

IELP: Why did you choose to study in the U.S.? Why Temple?

This month we're getting to know the lovely Bella Oktay, a lawyer from Turkey whose lessons at the IELP helped her prepare for the next stage of her career in the U.S.

NAME: Bella Oktay
HOMETOWN: Istanbul, Turkey
PROGRAM: IELP, two sessions

IELP: Hi, Bella! How did you decide to come to the U.S. to study English and what was it like when you first came here?

Get to know Jungyeon Sohn from South Korea, a new smiling face at the IELP who has big plans after she improves her English.


NAME: Jungyeon Sohn

HOMETOWN: Seoul, South Korea

From Malinke to Attiéké to Garba, Nadouba is bringing a bit of the Ivory Coast to the City of Brotherly Love.

Name: Nadouba Diakite
Hometown: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Africa
Program: IELP, one session

IELP: Nice to meet you, Nadouba! What was it like when you first arrived in the U.S.?