DECEMBER 2018: Diana Does It All

From studying in the U.S. to student blogging to founding her own organization, Diana's future is looking bright.

NAME: Diana Vicezar
HOMETOWN: Asunción, Paraguay
PROGRAM: EducationUSA Academy

IELP: What’s the best thing about your home country? 

DIANA: I am a proud South American girl. I truly believe that the best things about my country are the culture and the fact that we have two official languages, Spanish and Guarani (indigenous language).

IELP: How did you decide to go to EducationUSA Academy at Temple? 

DIANA: It was the perfect opportunity to experience true university student lifestyle, learn about the process to apply to American universities, visit the most incredible campus and share my culture with people from all over the world. 


IELP: What was your first impression of Philadelphia? 

DIANA: Before the trip, I researched the city and discovered that it was BEAUTIFUL, but when I arrived I realized that it was GORGEOUS. I loved Philly and I would really like to visit it again.

IELP: What was the best thing you saw or did in the U.S.? 

DIANA: Go to Temple University! I fell in love with the whole campus. It's like what we see in the movies.

IELP: If I only had 24 hours to spend in your home country, what would you tell me to see or do? 

DIANA: Paraguay is an awesome place to discover authenticity, and learn about a unique culture. I would definitely tell you to do these things: 

1. Visit the Itaipú Dam, which is considered to be one of the engineering wonders of the world and it’s absolutely huge. 
2. Visit La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Ruinas Jesuiticas de Jesús de Tavarangué. The gnarled ruins of Jesuit colonies built by missionaries in the 17th century are perhaps Paraguay’s most visited spots.
3. Go to the Asunción's historic buildings like The Independence House, Pantheon of the Heroes and the The López Palace (Government Palace). 

IELP: What’s your favorite meal from your home country?

DIANA: It's called Chipa Guasu, which is a Corn and Cheese Soufflé. It is made of onions, whole corn cobs (out of which you take the grains), Paraguayan cheese, eggs, milk, salt and oil. 

Definitely next on the taste bud bucket list (a list of things that you HAVE to eat in your life).

IELP: What is your favorite memory from EducationUSA Academy this summer? 

DIANA: I loved the tour around the most important places in New York, and a day at the beach in Ocean City.

IELP: Tell me about Mymba Rayhu, the organization you founded. 

DIANA: Mymba Rayhu is a non-government organization that seeks to raise awareness among the Paraguayan population about the two biggest problems in the country: the large percentage of abandoned dogs and the alarming amount of garbage that is generated daily in the capital city. We want people to worry about the abandonment of these animals and recognize the importance of recycling to take care of our environment. 

Diana with a furry friend promoting Mymba Rayhu

IELP: What have you been up to since this summer? 

DIANA: EducationUSA Academy at Temple gave me the opportunity to get an inside perspective on higher education in the United States, meet amazing people and have fun during the summer. Thanks to everything I learned in the Academy, I am currently in the process of applying to universities in the United States and I am getting closer and closer to fulfilling my dream.

Diana (yellow shirt, center) with the whole 2018 EdUSA gang in NYC.

IELP: What are your plans for college?

DIANA: My next objective is to study in a university in the United States, and to major in international relations and minor in entrepreneurship.

IELP: What are some of the things you’ve learned from participating in a program with people from so many different countries? 

DIANA: I had the opportunity to share with 17 wonderful people for 3 weeks. The experience of living with my classmates and chaperones was very enriching, because although we all came from different countries with different cultures and backgrounds, we all had the same dream of studying in the United States. Thanks to the Academy, I can say that I have siblings in 15 countries around the world.

IELP: What advice would you give to other students thinking about studying in the U.S.? 

DIANA: Never give up! Studying in the United States is an incredible experience that you will always remember.  If your dream is to study in the US, look for all the programs that can help you and, if you are a high school student, apply to the EducationUSA Academy at Temple. 

Diana has been accepted as a student blogger for StudyUSA and will be posting monthly blogs about her international experiences in January. We can't wait to continue following her journey!