OCTOBER 2019: Let's Hang with Shuyu Pang

Say hello to Shuyu, a Tianjin-born Sixers fan who's learned that the best approach to a new culture is to get involved.

NAME: Shuyu Pang
HOMETOWN: Tianjin, China
PROGRAM: Conditional Admission

TCALC: Why did you choose to study at Temple?

SHUYU: I went to an American high school in Maine, and my high school tutoring assistant told me to come to Temple because it would fit me. She also said they were my favorite color, and they were close to the Sixers!

TCALC: Did you see the recent game that Temple sponsored?

SHUYU: Yes! I like Ben Simmons. He scored a three-pointer.

TCALC: Tell me about the time you first arrived in the United States. What was the experience like?

SHUYU: It was three years ago. I could barely speak English. But I kept practicing in high school. I think now it’s better than before, but I still need to improve.

TCALC: How did the program help you to improve your English and expose you to U.S. culture?

SHUYU: The IELP program helped me to make lots of friends. I didn’t know about some other cultures, like Saudi Arabia, Korea and Japan. Three of my roommates are Korean, so they taught me a lot about Korean culture.

TCALC: Do you live on campus?

SHUYU: Yes, I live at University Village through the TCALC program. I really like it. Emily set up all of my roommates, and they are all extremely nice. 

TCALC: What is something you struggled with that you have overcome with your experience in the program?

SHUYU: Well, I’m really easygoing so I wasn’t too nervous starting here. But I really like being involved, so I did struggle with how I could get involved at a new school. Now I joined the lacrosse club. They are actually really competitive, I learned a lot from them! I am also involved in the badminton club, Chinese Student Association, and Grandma’s Kids (which is like Big Brothers, Big Sisters).

TCALC: What was your first impression of Philadelphia?

SHUYU: I thought it was so hot here! I got a sunburn! Tianjin is in northern China where it is colder, so I am not used to it.

TCALC: What is the best thing you’ve seen or done in the U.S.?

SHUYU: I went to the art museum, City Hall, Chinatown...I actually met my boyfriend here, so that is my favorite!

TCALC: What’s your favorite meal from your home country? What are the ingredients?

SHUYU: My favorite thing is Chinese breakfast. It’s street food. It’s a salty pancake made with other ingredients inside, like a wrap.

*heart eyes*

TCALC: What is your favorite American food, if you have one?

SHUYU: Donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts.

TCALC: Where do you see yourself after you finish the IELP program? What do you want to pursue as your career?

SHUYU: I want to start regular classes as soon as possible and major in accounting or law.

TCALC: Where is your favorite place to be on campus?

SHUYU: My dorm. I also love Pearson Hall because I love to play badminton.

TCALC: Did you go to Homecoming this weekend?

SHUYU: Yes! It was not my first time at a football game, but it was really fun. I got a cherry and white Homecoming T-shirt.

TCALC: What advice would you give to other students thinking about studying in the U.S.?

SHUYU: Be nice to each other. If you have any questions, please ask. The staff and teachers are here to help.

See you around, Shuyu!