Incheon Human Resources Study Oversees Activity for College Students

Incheon Human Resources Study Oversees Activity for College Students

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8/29/2018 by Young Won Min

On July 29, twenty scholarship students selected by Incheon Human Resources Development and Scholarship Foundation departed for Temple University in Philadelphia. Since then, the students have successfully completed their one-month study and experienced great hospitality and support. This year’s students went to Philadelphia, Incheon’s Sister City, for English language training and studied topics such as history, culture and arts.

Students met many American volunteers and discussed various topics. They took cultural field trips to NYC, Washington DC and around Philadelphia. Students were also hosted by Citizen Diplomacy International and Philadelphia’s Korean American community and the Korean Consulate in New York City. Also, the Soh Jaipil Organization welcomed students with great hospitality and support. Additionally, eleven America families from Citizen Diplomacy International invited students to their homes and hosted them for dinner.

Byunggi Chang, president of the Philadelphia Korean American Association, Kungsup Park, chairman, Chungsu Choi, president of Soh Jaipil Organization, David Oh, Philadelphia city representative and Hyunmi Yeh from the Korean Consulate in New York welcomed the Incheon students with warm hearts. Hyunmi Yeh hosted students at the Korean Consulate in New York. All students attended the Korean Liberation Day celebration in Philadelphia where they had dinner, enjoyed a concert. The students received unlimited support for the month.

Minsoo Jeong from Inha University, a senior in chemistry said, “It’s like a dream that I had the opportunity to have this kind of wonderful experience. I am able to understand, in more depth, American independence, freedom and justice. I especially appreciate everyone who showed us hospitality and various kinds of support. As an Incheon scholarship student, I will never forget the benefit that I received and I will do my best to devote myself to my country.”

Incheon Human Resources Development and Scholarship Foundation as a program that provides oversees studies for university students. They also provide a study in China program (July 16 – August 10, 2018). The Study in America program ran from July 30 – August 24, 2018. These programs are the only programs in Korea that offer students full scholarships.





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The twenty students who attended the American Language Training Program completed the program successfully and have returned to Korea. The students were sponsored by Incheon Human Resources Development and Scholarship Foundation. The foundation selected Temple University to host the program. Temple University is in Philadelphia, the Sister City of Incheon. Students experienced and discussed the topics of history, culture and arts.

Several organizations such as Korean American Association and Citizen Diplomacy International supported the students and welcomed them with good hospitality. Incheon Human Resources Development and Scholarship Foundation provided two different language programs, one in China and one in America. Incheon HR awarded the students with full scholarships to attend the programs.

The Incheon City committee has appointed a new chairman, Namchun Park.