Diana Vicezar

Diana Vicezar, an EducationUSA Academy student, holding an owl cutout and smiling

Name: Diana Vicezar

Country: Paraguay

What was your first impression of Philadelphia? 

Before my time with Temple's EducationUSA Academy program, I researched the city and discovered that it was BEAUTIFUL, but when I arrived I realized that it was GORGEOUS. I loved Philly and I would really like to visit it again.

What was the best thing you saw or did in the U.S.? 

Go to Temple University! I fell in love with the whole campus. It's like what we see in the movies.

What have you been up to since the program? 

EducationUSA Academy at Temple gave me the opportunity to get an inside perspective on higher education in the United States, meet amazing people and have fun during the summer. Thanks to everything I learned in the Academy, I was able to apply to universities in the United States and get closer to fulfilling my dream.

What are some of the things you’ve learned from participating in a program with people from so many different countries? 

I had the opportunity to share with 17 wonderful people for 3 weeks. The experience of living with my classmates and chaperones was very enriching, because although we all came from different countries with different cultures and backgrounds, we all had the same dream of studying in the United States. Thanks to the Academy, I can say that I have siblings in 15 countries around the world.

What advice would you give to other students thinking about studying in the U.S.? 

Never give up! Studying in the United States is an incredible experience that you will always remember.  If your dream is to study in the US, look for all the programs that can help you and, if you are a high school student, apply to the EducationUSA Academy at Temple.