Hoa Nguyen

Name: Hoa Nguyen

Country: Vietnam

Why did you choose the Center?

I thought the Center would be an amazing place for me to not only reinforce, practice and improve my English skills, but also to learn more about American culture, especially about Philadelphia.

What did you learn in the program?

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) prepared me well for college in the United States. My enthusiastic teacher, Bill Albertson, gave me a lot of awesome and helpful feedback, as well as instructions on how to write good papers. My energetic teacher, Lucy Jones, motivated me to speak up more and helped me make confident presentations.

Additionally, the programs at the Center opened my mind to the world. I met a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures. I also learned a great deal about American culture. A year in IELP was worth it. 

What advice would you give another student who is thinking about signing up for the program?

Just do it! You will have no regrets. 

What has been your favorite experience at Temple?

I love the education I’ve received at Temple. Not only can I learn about my major (Media Studies and Production), but I can also explore my interests (Photography, Interpersonal Communication, Computer Science) through the General Education system. My professors and TAs are extremely helpful and responsive. I also love the diversity, friendliness and open-mindedness of people at Temple University. I’m far from home, but I never feel alone!

What is your favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?

My favorite thing is to wander around the city and take photographs of people and scenery. Every time I go on the streets of Philadelphia, I find new things, new corners and get to know more inspiring people.

What is your favorite Philadelphia food/food truck?

I cannot think of any specific food/food truck right now because all of them are incredibly delicious!