Provisional Admission


Provisional Admission is recommended for talented students who meet all the requirements for matriculation into Temple University but have TOEFL scores below 65 or IELTS below 5.5. Provisional Admission allows you to study in IELP as a path to full admission to Temple University: You may study English while knowing you will be admitted once your language skills improve. 

How the Program Works

• Step 1: Complete English language course work in IELP and attend classes to improve your English language skills.

• Step 2: Receive Conditional Admission and enter the Access Temple program. Once your English skills have improved enough to enter Access Temple, you will study for one or two semesters in the Access Temple Conditional Admission program.
• Step 3: Complete the Access Temple program and automatically enter Temple University as a full-time, matriculated student.
You will not have to reapply or retake the TOEFL or IELTS.
The length of these programs will be determined by your English level when you enroll but will typically take a year or more to complete.

How to Apply

If you are interested in Conditional Admission with Access Temple or Provisional Admission, you must apply directly to the International Undergraduate Admissions Office. According to your language ability, the Office of International Admissions will match you to the program that will help you most. Complete the application process by following the steps below.

  1. Fill out one of these applications:
  2. Submit your academic documents.
    • Official high school transcript
    • Standardized test scores
    • Recommendation letters
  3. Submit your visa documents.

Mail all documents to:

International Undergraduate Admissions

1803 North Broad Street, Carnell Hall, Room 714

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122-6096


For more information about how to apply for Conditional or Provisional Admission, visit our International Applicant page.

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