Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Improve your English skills, interact with students from around the globe and learn about the U.S. in IELP at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The IELP will help you

  • greatly improve your English skills.

  • enroll in an American university.

  • get a job that requires English proficiency.

  • experience the U.S. 

  • meet new friends from around the world.

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced English speaker, IELP has courses that fit your needs.  

Classes are offered in writing, reading, speaking and listening, all of which include instruction in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. You will also choose an enrichment class that will improve your skills in specific areas and a short course focused on culture.  


If you have completed your high school studies, you are eligible to attend.

No English test scores are required for admission. When you arrive, your English will be evaluated so you are placed in an appropriate class level.


Temple’s IELP offers 12 levels of instruction from beginner to advanced allowing you to move up in the program until you reach the IELP's highest academic level. 

  • Reading: Improve your reading speed and comprehension and prepare for the amount of reading you will be expected to do at a university.

  • Writing: Learn academic writing and receive targeted feedback as you practice it.

  • Listening and speaking: Focus on fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary development. Advanced listening and speaking classes will teach you about listening to lectures and developing formal presentation skills.

  • Enrichment classes: Develop specific English skills through reading and listening comprehension classes; presentation and writing workshops; TOEFL preparation; English for business or the sciences; and grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation classes.

  • Short courses: Focus on developing fluency in English and cultural understanding. You will use your English skills in courses such as Conversation Skills, American TV, Current Events, Tours of Temple University, Discover Philadelphia, Chatting with Americans and English in Action.


Session Application Deadline* Orientation Dates Class Dates
2017 Spring I December 2, 2016 January 4 - 6, 2017 January 9 - February 24, 2017
2017 Spring II February 6, 2017 March 7 - 10, 2017 March 13 - April 28, 2017
2017 Summer I April 7, 2017 May 9 - 12, 2017 May 15 - June 30, 2017
2017 Summer II June 2, 2017 July 3 - 7, 2017 July 10 - August 25, 2017
2017 Fall I July 28, 2017 August 28 - 31, 2017 September 5 - October 20, 2017
2017 Fall II September 22, 2017 October 23 - 27, 2017 October 30 - December 15, 2017

*Applications are due 5 days before the start of a session if you are already in the U.S. on a valid visa. Submit a paper application. The online application closes 30 days prior to the beginning of each session. 

Program Prices 

2016-2017 Academic Year

Enroll for more than one session and receive a 5% discount on your tuition.


Item Name 1 Session (7 Weeks) 2 Sessions (14 Weeks) 4 Sessions (28 Weeks)
Tuition $2,595 $4,930 $9,860
Student Fees $200 $400 $800
Total $2,795 $5,330 $10,660 

Important Information:

All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars. You may find amounts in your currency by using an online currency converter. Students need to pay a non-refundable $100 application fee with their application. Cash will not be accepted as payment for application fees. A late fee of $100.00 will be charged to any student who pays after the Friday of registration week.

Find details about the IELP Refund Policy, here

Other Expenses

In addition to language school costs, students will need to pay for their living expenses. Please see the list below for an estimate of common living expenses for students per seven-week session. All F-1 students must have medical insurance. IELP offers HTH medical insurance for students to purchase. Medical insurance costs depend on age and weeks of coverage.

  • Health insurance: $250
  • Housing: $1,500
  • Food: $1,000
  • Textbooks: $80
  • Transportation: $125

How to apply

Apply online in English: 

For assistance, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Apply online in your own language: 

Español | Spanish        日本語 | Japanese        한국어 | Korean        繁體中文 | Traditional Chinese        

简体中文 | Simplified Chinese       Português | Portuguese       Türkçe | Turkish       Tiếng Việt | Vietnamese       العربيـة | Arabic

Apply with a paper application:

Submit the following documents

  1. Paper application
  2. $100 non-refundable application fee (money order, bank check or traveler’s check)
  3. Documents needed for an I-20 (passport and financial documents


Temple University Intensive English Language Program
1700 N. Broad St., Suite 209
Philadelphia, PA 19121


+1(215) 204-3892

*Application fee must be mailed separately.

Important Information

Documents needed for an I-20 in order to obtain an F-1 student visa

  1. Photocopy of passport (name, date of birth and photo)
  2. A bank statement, bank letter or letter of sponsorship. The IELP requires original documents before we issue I-20 Forms.

Minimum funds required for tuition and living expenses

  • 1 session (2 months) = $7,250*
  • 6 months = $14,500*
  • 1 year of study = $29,000*

*If you are coming to the United States with a dependent (spouse or children), you must show additional financial support:  $4,000 per year for spouse; $2,500 per year for each child.

Learn more about financial documentation.

Do you already have a SEVIS number? If so, you are considered a transfer. As a transfer, you must submit a transfer recommendation letter from your current or previous school. After reviewing this form, our office can issue an admissions letter. It is your responsibility to ask your current or previous school to release your SEVIS record to Temple University.

Deferring Admission: If you are unable to attend the session that you have applied for, please complete the deferral request form.           

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