Conditional Admission

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If you are academically qualified and meet all admissions requirements except for language, you are eligible for our Conditional Admission program. Based on your language score, you will be placed in one of three levels of Conditional Admission. After you successfully complete Conditional Admission Level 3, you will be directly enrolled at the university. You do not need to take the TOEFL or IELTS test.

  Conditional Admission Level Number of University Credits Length of Time Cost

TOEFL 74-78
(Fox School of Business students:  TOEFL 74-83; IELTS 6.0)

Level 3 4-10 credits 1 semester $8,690 + $1,208 per credit

TOEFL 65-73

Level 2 3-6 credits 1 semester $8,794 + $1,208 per credit

TOEFL below 65
IELTS below 5.5 OR
No score submitted

Level 1
No credits Varies depending on placement test
One session is 7 weeks
Same as IELP



An Alternate Path to Temple University (IELP)

You may also attend the Intensive English Language Program without first applying to Temple University for undergraduate admission. 

  1. Apply to IELP 
  2. Successfully complete IELP Advanced 2 and receive a Certificate of Successful Completion (valid for two years), which can be used to satisfy the university's language requirement. 
  3. Apply to Temple University
  4. If you are accepted to Temple, submit your Certificate of Successful Completion in place of test scores.