International Graduate Students

Pathways to Graduate School at Temple University

Gain admission to Temple University's graduate degree programs through Graduate Access Temple (GAT). Improve your academic English, research, writing, presentation and communication skills to be successful in the graduate level classroom. 

English+ Global Tourism Certificate

Turn your passion for travel into a career, build your knowledge of the tourism industry in the U.S. while also building your confidence in speaking English!

Graduate Academic English Program

To help you master the many challenges you face as an international graduate student, enroll in Graduate Academic English. This four-week course will help you succeed in advanced academic courses and function well in English.

Graduate Level English Communication (GLEC)

This course will give any non-native English speaking graduate student confidence in their English; specifically, in the ability to teach and present effectively in a U.S. classroom.

International Teaching Assistant Program

The International Teaching Assistant Program supports Temple University’s commitment to teaching excellence and linguistic and cultural diversity. It also fosters a learning environment where undergraduate students can benefit from interaction with international teaching assistants.