English+ Global Tourism Certificate

Turn your passion for travel into a career!

This online graduate certificate program, offered in partnership between TCALC and Temple's School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM), is designed to build your knowledge of the tourism industry while increasing your spoken English fluency and confidence.



THM 5328. Tourism Economics and Policy (3 Credits)
This course focuses on the role that economics and policy play within the tourism industry. Specific economic and policy theories that are essential for the tourism industry will be investigated. Topics include theory of tourism demand and supply, using cost-benefit analysis, tax policy impacts, tourism valuation, economic analysis in management, and marketing and policy decision. 

THM 5343. Cultural Intelligence (3 Credits) 
This course will focus on the concept of cultural intelligence (CQ), and provide students with both a theoretical background, as well as practical approaches to using this concept within the travel and tourism industry. Students will become knowledgeable in Hofstede's cultural dimensions, the four areas of CQ, as well as strategies for increasing CQ. 

THM 5345. Understanding Tourism in the 21st Century (3 Credits)
This course will explore the conceptual foundations of tourism so that all students in the master's program will have exposure to a common core of tourism content. Specifically, this class will introduce students to topics such as leisure theory, travelers' motivations and decision making, the production of tourism and tourism places, globalization of tourism, social theories of tourist practice and experience, tourism policy, planning and governance, and critical perspectives on tourism. 


Presentations & Pronunciation 
Gain the skills and confidence you need to deliver successful presentations in English, for both in-person and online audiences. Students will: 

  • Plan, research, organize and present presentations on a variety of topics 
  • Use instructor and peer feedback to improve performance 
  • Develop and practice delivery skills 
  • Learn best practices in PowerPoint design 
  • Receive individualized feedback from instructor to improve pronunciation accuracy 
  • Build confidence when communicating in and out of the classroom 

Professional and Academic Conversations in English 
Students will develop academic and professional English through spoken interaction on varying weekly topics, including topics around hospitality management and tourism. Students will: 

  • Share their connection to the lesson topic with their own ideas, beliefs, experiences, and knowledge 
  • Examine and discussion a visual illustration of quantitative data related to the topic 
  • Read, discuss and analyze an excerpt from current news or academic publication 
  • Collaborate with classmates to solve open-ended, real-world problems 

Effective Communication Strategies for Tourism Professionals 
Students will learn and practice effective strategies for communicating with English speaking customers and peers related to tourism and hospitality. Students will: 

  • Learn formal and informal responses and communication styles 
  • Learn language required to navigate difficult interactions with customers 
  • Develop an intercultural competence to serve clientele from a range of backgrounds