EducationUSA Academy at Temple University

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Prepare for your future at Temple University. Live and learn with high school students from the United States and around the world on an urban campus in Philadelphia: the birthplace of the U.S. Discover American culture as you take in Philadelphia’s rich history and world-famous art collections. Spend a day in New York City, at the beach, at Ivy League universities and other nearby iconic locations that will immerse you in the American experience. Benefit from this enriching college preparatory program that combines academics and excursions for three unforgettable weeks.

Choose Your Track

University Academy

Learn about American college expectations.

  • Practice presentation and debating skills
  • Participate in research projects and more
  • Meet with academic advisors to learn more about your future career
Art & Design Academy

Study with U.S. students at Temple’s renowned Tyler School of Art.

  • Experience making art on a college campus and expand your portfolio
  • Choose from classes like drawing, painting and graphic design
  • Access excellent facilities and faculty, and visit area art colleges
Film Academy

Explore film production at the School of Theater, Film & Media Arts.

  • Create a film (write, cast, shoot and edit) for a final screening 
  • Stay tuned for more information about availability in 2020
Music Academy

Learn the fundamentals of music at Boyer College of Music & Dance.

  • Analyze short pieces in classical and popular styles; create an original composition; enjoy workshops and performances by guest artists 
  • Develop the ability to sight sing 
  • Stay tuned for more information about availability in 2020

All students will present their final projects at the Academy Exposition!