Education USA Academy

Sample Schedule

The schedule is only intended as an example and is subject to change. Events vary week to week. 


Course Descriptions

University Experience

Today’s university students are the leaders of tomorrow.  High school students preparing for university need to hone their academic English skills as well as educate themselves on the issues facing future leaders such as diversity, multicultural communications and environmental issues.  In this class, students will explore and debate these issues and apply this knowledge in a team project that proposes a technology to improve the quality of modern life. They will present their project at the Academy Exhibition.

University Admissions Workshops

These workshops will include meetings with Temple University admissions counselors, visits to colleges within Temple University, presentations on university admissions processes, and an introduction to college applications and admissions essays.


Students in both tracks will select one elective.  TOEFL/IELTS Preparation will introduce the content and strategies needed for success on these standardized tests.  Students who are not interested in test preparation may opt to take American Cinema.  In this course, students will watch and discuss American films, write critiques, engage in online discussions of the films and their cultural perspective, and work in groups to create a short film of their own.

Team Building and Leadership Exercises for High School Students

Each week, students will come together for active, student-centered exercises to strengthen leadership, and interpersonal and communication skills.