Graduate Academic English Program

This four-week course is ideal for students entering into, or planning to apply to, a master's or doctoral program in the United States. 

Our classes are designed to:

  • fine-tune your academic writing skills
  • improve your pronunciation skills
  • develop your presentation skills and increase your confidence in spoken English
  • bridge the gap between everyday English and the academic English you will need for success in your area of study

In addition to these program objectives, classes focus on:

  • research and writing expectations specific to your field
  • advanced discipline-specific terminology
  • practice with the Socratic method used in classrooms across the disciplines
  • speaking skills necessary to succeed in your field
  • engagement across the university so you become familiar with the campus and its various offices and services prior to the start of your program

Temple Graduate Students

Have you been accepted to a graduate program at Temple University?  If so, you are eligible for our 30% discount for Temple graduate students.

Students accepted into the following graduate programs at Temple University may be eligible to take classes designed to prepare them for their specific discipline.   

  • Boyer College of Music and Dance: Performance Majors
  • Klein College of Media and Communication
  • College of Public Health