Provisional Admission (Temple Path)


Provisional Admission (Temple Path) is recommended for talented students who meet all the requirements for matriculation into Temple University but have TOEFL scores below 65, IELTS below 5.5, or no scores.

Provisional Admission allows you to study in IELP as a path to full admission to Temple University. 

 How Temple Path Works

  1. An academically qualified student who does not meet the language requirement for direct or conditional admission will be admitted as a Provisional Admission (Temple Path) student.
  2. Upon successfully completing the IELP’s Intermediate 3 level, you can move into the Access Temple Program, where you can take credit-bearing classes, or you can remain in the IELP. Students who remain in the IELP may not enroll in credit-bearing courses.
  3. Upon successfully completing either Advanced 2 of the IELP or Access Temple, you will automatically receive admission to Temple University.  You will not have to reapply or retake the TOEFL or IELTS.


The length of time you spend in Temple Path will be determined by your English level when you enroll.