Short-Term Programs

American Culture at Temple University

Enroll in this exciting, 3 or 4 week program to improve your English and learn about the U.S. Spend the mornings building your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In the afternoons, take trips to explore historic and cultural sites in Philadelphia and its surrounding region.

EducationUSA Academy at Temple University

Temple University, in partnership with EducationUSA, is proud to be one of only 15 campuses in the U.S. offering this fun-filled program to high school students ages 15 to 17. Immerse yourself in English while learning about history and culture in America's first World Heritage City: Philadelphia.

Super-Intensive English Program

If you want to improve your English in an immersion environment and only have a short time to devote to language study, this super-intensive program is a good fit for you. You will improve your English reading, writing, listening and speaking in stimulating and challenging courses. It is open to all students who have completed high school.

Graduate Academic English Program

To help you master the many challenges you face as an international graduate student, enroll in Graduate Academic English. This four-week course will help you succeed in advanced academic courses and function well in English.