Short-Term Programs

Temple Online for Students of High School

Enhance your English skills and prepare for your future as an undergraduate student.

  • Students 15 – 17 years old
  • 4 weeks

Super-Intensive English Program

Improve your English in an immersive environment.

  • Choose from two tracks (Academic English or Business English & Culture)
  • High school graduates
  • 4 weeks

Graduate Academic English Program

Polish your English skills to the high proficiency necessary for graduate studies.

  • Develop research and writing skills specific to your field
  • College graduates preparing to apply to a master’s or doctoral program, F-1 visa
  • 4 weeks

American Culture at Temple University

Explore the city and improve your English and U.S. cultural knowledge.

  • Choose from two tracks (Language & Culture or Business English & Culture)
  • High school graduates, B-1/B-2 visa
  • 4 weeks

EducationUSA Academy at Temple University

Join high school students from the local area and around the world to learn about U.S. university life (sponsored by the U.S. Department of State).

  • Choose from four tracks (University Academy, Art & Design Academy, Film Academy and Music Academy)
  • Students 15 – 17 years old, B-1/B-2 visa
  • 3 weeks