Cultural Courses

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IELP offers a variety of enrichment courses that are interesting and make learning English fun. These courses provide you with many opportunities to interact with teachers, other students and people in Philadelphia. They also help you develop your English skills while you are participating in interesting activities.

Courses Offered

‘American Icons’

Learn about Americans who have had a great influence on U.S. culture. You will find out about the lives of famous musicians and actors, the books of well-known American writers, the thoughts and acts of important politicians, and stories about others who made a difference in the lives of Americans. We will watch videos, listen to music, and read short stories and newspaper articles.

‘Conversation Class’

You will learn how Americans speak with each other, as well as the common expressions, idioms and slang they use in conversations. You will also talk about thought-provoking topics and practice using common U.S. expressions. There are three levels of conversation classes: elementary, intermediate and advanced, so everyone has a chance to participate!


Playing games is a fun and enjoyable way to learn English, increase your listening and speaking skills, and learn new vocabulary and expressions. You can also learn more about American culture.

‘Learning English Through Volunteering’

This is a great way to learn English and help people at the same time! This class meets at a different place in Philadelphia each week. You will work to help needy people in the city while building your everyday English vocabulary at the same time.

‘Watching and Discussing Movies’

Watching movies is a very popular pastime in the U.S. You can use this beloved activity as a way to increase your understanding and use of English. Students watch three movies and some TV programs and then discuss them together to learn more about vocabulary, idioms, slang, American culture and history.